ARTCHIVE is an NFT Platform for fine art & photography. Welcome to the future of art. Stay updated.

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Artchive is an NFT-powered fine art & photography based platform designed on the Solana blockchain. Through collaborations with established and influential artists and partners, Artchive is an ecosystem providing a secured/user-friendly NFT marketplace, scalable blockchain, and a paired native token (ARTC). Holders of ARTC will receive incentives and features ranging from discounted fees, premiere access to drops, VIP discords and more.

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The vault's dual operational system includes exclusively rare NFT partnership collections encompassing assets from ARTC photographers, artists, and entertainers. Be sure to be an ARTC VIP to experience all the perks. Ranging from early access to VAULT drops and top tier opportunities/ features.

The Vault's second half allowance which executes NFT staking opportunities, top of the line NFT security using IPFS and other features, and well you’ll have to unlock the Vault to find out more.

Featured Partnerships

The essence of what an NFT is. ARTCHIVE’s elite partnerships with artists,entertainers, photographers, influencers and more… provide what would be a once in a lifetime exclusive ownership opportunity of your choice. Granting users the captivating chance to own a piece of the rarest NFT creations. Highlighting the most majestic and extraordinary moments in these iconic individuals’ careers. Look for updates in our What’s Hot? section.


ARTCHIVE is a Platform built from the ground up ensuring no malicious malware and complete security while providing enormous potential. Platform includes IP security ensuring authorized access to the platform, Utilizing IPFS for enhanced security and encryption of digital assets while providing quick retrieval of your NFT from the repository. Watermarking technology for secure identification of digital assets, Digital encoding of the NFT aiding forensic identification, 3-D modeling for select premier assets.

Creation Center & Explore

For keepsake or potential profit the creation center offers the ability to be in the game. Create your very own original NFT masterpiece. Accompany the professionals and take advantage of this booming industry of digitized art. A tiered system that anyone can understand. Get in on the fun. The peer to peer section of the marketplace for users and visitors alike. The time to explore is now. Governance on the way.